Rethinking Wastewater Treatment

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) Solution

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment

Laguna Innovation recovers high quality water for reuse from wastewater with virtually sludge-free, off-grid treatment


Of the world’s population lacked access to safely managed sanitation in 2020

24/7 wastewater treatment

Laguna systems provide effective production of wastewater, suitable and safe for irrigation, supporting WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) goals and promoting health and global food security in the developing world. Energy-efficient, with minimal operational and maintenance costs, our systems support the green agendas of three United Nations sustainable development goals in numerous use cases in developing and developed regions.


Generates reusable wastewater for irrigation and non-consumptive use

Virtually sludge-free wastewater treatment

Ready on-site, modular and scalable

Energy self-sufficient, operational 24/7

Low operational and maintenance costs

Remote monitoring and operation

How Does it Work?

Patented Vertical Green Wall Biofilter Recycles as it Treats

Laguna Innovation’s eco-friendly system combines an efficient pre-treatment technology with its novel Vertical Green Wall Biofilter (U.S. Patent 11,597,671), and remote monitoring and operation capabilities.

The wastewater is treated in the pre-treatment tank to breakdown sludge and lower BOD. Produced sludge is recirculated to the pretreatment tank until completely eliminated.

Pre-treated water is trickled onto biofilms growing on the Vertical Green Wall. In this crucial stage, nitrates are broken down and BOD is further decreased. The wastewater propagates biofilm creation, which, in turn, treats the wastewater producing a safe effluent, suitable for non-consumptive use.

Treated effluent is now ready for non-consumptive use. An emergency tank collects the treated water in case of system interruption.

Powered by a combination of solar panels and batteries, Laguna’s system offers 24/7 wastewater treatment for reuse.

Laguna in Action

Independently Validated Improvement in Effluent Quality


Laguna innovations meets and/or exceeds key government effluent  discharge standards (based on results from government-certified laboratories).

Who we Serve?

Laguna innovation provides an effective recycle  and reuse solution for wastewater treatment, reducing health hazards, providing a sustainable source of water for irrigation and promoting sustainable agendas. 

Global Vacation Resorts

Low cost, easy maintenance solution for off-grid resorts and chains looking to embrace green agendas

International Development Agencies 

Supports the realization of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 for clean water and sanitation

Government and Municipalities

Provides off-grid communities with an affordable, easily maintained recycle and reuse wastewater treatment solution

Farming Cooperatives

Turns wastewater into a valuable resource combatting water scarcity and food challenges

Mining, Construction, and Integration Companies

Provides on-site wastewater treatment for remote, off-grid work sites

Global Industrial and Corporate Opportunities
On-site, affordable wastewater treatment realizes circular economy and sustainability goals

Case studies

Laguna Innovation’s technology has been implemented in numerous off-grid and decentralized locations.

Al Furaa Regional School

Services 600 students

6 m3 daily flow rate

Integrated solar and battery powered system ensures 24/7 operation

Irrigates community gardens onsite


Like many under-serviced communities, Bedouin Israelis rely on cesspits for sewage. To protect Al Furaa from the environmental and health hazards associated with unlined cesspits, Laguna Innovation installed a blackwater sanitation system at the community’s regional school. The treated effluent is reused to irrigate gardens in the school park.

Asira al-Shamalya

Services 300 people

25 m3 daily flow rate

Irrigates nearby olive groves

Improves olive tree productivity and generates additional income for local olive farmers


Palestinian farmers face increasing water procurement difficulties related to limited sourcing availability, access restrictions, and climate change. Laguna Innovation deployed a 25m3/day system at a school in Asira al-Shamalya to mitigate untreated sewage hazards and provide a new, reliable source of nutrient-rich water for olive tree irrigation.

About Us

Founded in 2020 with several operational sites, Laguna Innovation offers a zero-sludge, sustainable solution for wastewater treatment, suitable for decentralized, off-grid locations. Supported by the USAID, Arava Institute, and Arava Power, Laguna Innovation, with its positive impact on water sustainability, was chosen as the 2020 Bridge Hub Water Challenge winner.

Developed in partnership with Arava institute and support by USAID & Arava Power Co.

Founding Team

Laguna Innovation is led by a highly professional, multidisciplinary team with experience in:

Dr. Clive Lipchin

Co-founder and CEO Dr. Clive Lipchin serves as Director of the Arava Institute's Center for Trans-boundary Water Management. Dr. Lipchin has global contacts in wastewater and development projects with international development agencies including The World Bank, EU, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Dr. Lipchin has a Ph.D. in resource ecology management from the University of Michigan, and Masters degree in desert ecology from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Dr. Lipchin joined the faculty of the Arava Institute in 2003 where he teaches a multidisciplinary course on water management in the Middle East.

Amir Assa

Co-founder and CTO
Amir Assa has 25 years of experience in Clean-Tech science, and extensive engineering experience. Mr. Assa is the original developer of the VGW system, developed a technology that converts landfill biogas to biomethane, and invented the Arrowbio process for wastewater sorting pre-treatment. Mr. Assa, is a founder of Arrow Ecology and recognized as an expert in the fields of biological processes.

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